Dec 3, 2008

Rolling to Google PR3 : My Ride (Part II)

Hello friends,

I am back with the second part of my journey to Google PR3. For those who didn’t read the first part, here it is: Part-I.

This post would be longer than usual because I don't want to leave anything untouched. It consists of almost everything you need to do while you are in the initial 3 months of your blogging career. So, do read till the end or you may miss out on some!

As a newbie you need to learn a lot and work hard. These initial months won’t be returning anything to you. They are foundation for your blog. So let’s start and know what we need to do during these 3 months.

You may have heard it many a times – content is king. Unfortunately this is the fact. You can’t ignore the content of your blog. It has to be good and in accordance with your niche. Expressionless content are not read much and you loose on your bouncing visitors. So, try posting quality contents.

I am not surprised by the fact that Part-I of this post series received just a couple of comments. Almost 90% of the people avoid sharing and commenting on blogs. Visitors hesitate in commenting. My experience with commenting was so-so. I used to comment on 10 different blogs daily and received back just 1 or 2. Well, it’s not useless, rather I would advice commenting as it is the first step of socializing and drawing traffic. From now on whenever you read a post, drop a comment as per 'your thoughts' avoiding use of phrases like “nice post”, etc.

Blog post layout:
This is something related to your post structure. From the very beginning, try to maintain a definite structure of posting. For example whenever I post a blog I write in paragraphs and include the concerned car pictures. I break up my paragraphs on basis of the car’s specifications and features. The point I want to make is that maintaining a format for your blog posts makes it more readable and also give it a brand.

One more thing to remember is your frequency of posting. Keep it at least once in 3 days and not more than 2 in a single day. This will keep your blog active and also let your posts live for sometime on your blog.

Ping your post:
Whenever you publish a post, a ping is sent to all the directories and search engines to which you have registered. This is not always the case. To manually ping the directories and other social media, use the following web services:
Ping goat

Avoid ads
I am not against earning through blogging. But for the initial 3 months your earning would be negligible. I earned $0.9 in the first 3 months! So concentrate more on your blog and put aside earning for future when your blog is worth generating good revenue.

Review post before publishing:
Always review your blog before making it public. Errors are part of human tendency. So a preview of your blog would prevent those errors from getting public. Do the necessary changes and after satisfying yourself “as a reader” publish the post.

Making categories or applying labels to your blog posts is helpful for both the owner and the readers. Be genuine in creating categories according to your niche. Avoid including a single post in too many categories when you have less number of posts.

Add useful widgets to your blog:
You type “blog widgets” on Google and it populates you with numerous tools for your blog. All of these are not meant for your blog. Every blog must have the following widgets: popular posts, recent comments, top commenters and recent posts. You can find a list of useful widgets here: useful widgets.

Analyze blog stats:
In the initial 3 months they won’t be of much use as your blog will be drawing limited traffic. But they are of great help as your blog grows and gains the tempo. Some of the tools available for analyzing blog are:
Google webmaster
Google analyzer

Driving traffic:
There are many ways of drawing traffic to your blog. But for the initial 3 months, you need to get yourself registered all over the places. I have listed the places where you need to get your blog listed. Here it goes:

Register to blog directories: list of blog directories
Search engines indexing: Google, Yahoo and Msn.
Getting social: there are a lot many but registering to Blog Catalog and MyBlogLog is a must.
Other social media: entrecard and twitter.
Link exchange: add your blog to technorati, Qassia and add Blog Roll on your blog.
Commenting: comment on other blogs and reciprocate to those who comment on you.
Sponsor contests: another great way of drawing traffic and getting backlinks.

Build relation:
Blog is not all about getting registered and then writing and earning. Socializing plays a major role in making your blog famous and provides you that extra edge over others. Make good relations with other senior bloggers as well as helping and guiding the newbie. It will not only make a reputation for you but also flourish your growth. There are long range benefits of building sound online relations.

Have fun!
Don’t blog just to earn. Keep the blogging spirit alive and post what you like (under your niche). Don’t loose hope and keep up the hard work. The initial 3 months are crucial and you need to just go along regardless of the outcome. Have fun blogging.

Phoooo!!! … long one and a sigh of relief that I wrote down what all I knew. The initial months are as long as this post, but you need to read it all to get the desired! I won’t insist on commenting but if you have something to add or suggest you are most welcome.


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