Nov 18, 2008

Rolling to Google PR3 : My Ride (Part I)

Hi friends,

I am not really good at giving SEO and blogging tips. But I will try my best to impart what all I gathered during my journey to Google PR3. To give the best to you, I have broken down the path into 3 parts :

Creating Blog
The initial 3 Months
The road ahead.


I started this blog Cars On rOll, sometime in July, this year. Earlier I used to write on whatever I felt like from a latest gadget in market to prevailing social issues. But as I explored this blogging world, I realized that its better to get started with a particular niche. I chose Cars. So, the initial phase is choosing your niche. Its really confusing to decide on what to blog about, but you know there are millions of people searching for million topics/niche. So, start with anything under the sun (something in which you take interest) and you will certainly find readers!

One more thing to note is you URL(you choose at the time of creating your blog). Most of the beginners forget this aspect. The URL of your blog must be similar to your blog niche. It means that the URL, you choose/create must reflect your blog theme and give an idea of what you blog about. Like Cars On rOll sounds like something related to Cars. Although its a part of SEO, but one must know this fact at the very beginning because its easier to change at the beginning. I, too started with a different URL ( and then after choosing my niche shifted over to the current one. If you can afford a domain name, its much better.

Now comes the template. Google blogspot provides some default templates. You can either choose from the default templates or get your own from the web. Search out for the best design, which suits your blog and implement the same. Here are some sites which provides the XML templates for blogspot :

eblog templates
blogger templates

Next on the list comes your content. The content has to be good. It must be different and unique in its own manner. But you can't get everything different like I can't change the specifications of the cars I write about. But then you can add your views, compare them with other cars and fondle with words. Enhance your writing skills - thats the secret. The way you write a post and the information you share matters a lot. While writing a post, add some personal touch. Be humble. Enhancing your writing skills takes time (I am also trying hard at it). Do read blogs of experienced and professional blogger to get an idea of the same.

DONE!! Your blog is created. Here is a quick review of all the key points :

Choose a blogging domain (blogspot/wordpress).
Decide on a niche for your blog.
Get the URL correct.
Choose a Template according to your requirements.
Keep the Content good.
Add a personal touch and be humble in your writing.
Enhance your writing skills.

This was the first part of my experience with blogging. I don't want you to repeat the mistakes I committed. Remember these whenever you begin with a new blog or else you can always visit mine :) Feel free to add your experience or tips, by commenting below. It will be useful for all the newbies in blogging.


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