Aug 22, 2008

2008 BMW Z4

A few years back, BMW offered a funky coupe version of its M convertible, with both models being based on the popular Z3. The BMW Z4 replaces the Z3 model back in 2002, offering a stiff chassis, powerful engine lineup and great looks.

Styling is sharp, with panels positioned to randomly intersect the Z4's various edges and planes. The Z3's side-vents are gone, replaced with round turn-signal indicators bisected by a propeller like slash on each side. This oddity is a shout-back to BMW's history in aviation and open-air motoring. The rear end has slightly recessed tail lamps, a mildly raised trunk-lid and dual outlet exhaust. It's a highly attractive machine from any angle- though some commented on the odd shape of the fascia. One person at a gas station even said it looked like a catfish.

The 2008 BMW Z4 is built two-seater, having 6-cylinder engines and come in convertible and hatchback coupe body styles. The base 3.0i convertible has 215 hp. The 3.0si coupe and convertible have 255 hp, while the high-performance M coupe and convertible have 330.

A manual transmission is standard on all. All Z4s have ABS, traction control, antiskid system, and front side airbags. The 3.0i and 3.0si include run-flat tires. Convertibles have a fabric top with glass rear window; a power top is standard for the M version, optional otherwise. Other options include a navigation system and the BMW Assist system.

Having to decide on a roadster is a nice problem to have- but it can leave buyers in a world of compromise. A two-seat drop-top is one of the least sensible modes of four-wheeled transportation around- though some are easier to live with than others. Premium Sporty/Performance Cars usually cost much more and have more comfort and convenience equipment. Two-passenger convertibles and four-seat coupes rule the roost in this class.


  1. your precious carnal loves will fade as a flower perishes in the sun...

  2. That is a classic car and one of my dream. Thanks for sharing the same here and I am happy to see the same in your blog.

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  3. my dream car :) Now i having the bmw320i.