Aug 27, 2008

The New DELHI Auto Expo 2008

The New Delhi Auto Expo was the biggest Auto Expo India has ever seen, conducted from Jan 10 to Jan 17 . The indian market has been on a steady upswing for some time now, and with the future looking even more promising. This auto show consists all, from the high-tech hybrids to Superb Sports Cars to Ultra low cost cars.

It serves as a platform to showcase Indian automobile and auto-component industry. Being organized for the past 18 years, this expo has on display all the automobile models that have been recently introduced in the market. The AutoExpo is organized by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, Auto Component Manufacturers' Association and the Confederation of Indian Industry.

Preliminary estimates indicate that the auto carnival attracted about 1.8 million visitors and generated business worth about Rs 20,000 crore at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi.

Auto Expo plays a crucial role for India because the Auto Industry in India has come of age and the presence of leading global auto manufacturers; consistent growth in annual turnover and significant contribution to the Government through direct and indirect taxes have made the Indian auto industry, today a major driver of economic growth in India.


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