Aug 11, 2008

Toyota Altis to be launched in Sep 2008

Finally your wait for the new corolla will be soon over. Toyota has been delaying the new generation Corolla in India for sometime. The 10th generation Corolla made its international debut in October 2006. However the story will be soon over, Toyota will launch the car in September (2008).

The Toyota Corolla is a legendary car. Since the introduction of the first car sporting the Corolla name in 1966, over 30 million units have been sold. Everybody who knows what a car is, has heard of the name Corolla.

Toyota seem very keen to change the Corolla image with the 10th generation sedan. The design for the new Corolla is a dramatic departure from the succession of dull, anonymously styled models that we've come to expect. It is a Corolla with a personality of its own.

India will get the built-for-Asia Corolla Altis that is slightly larger than the compact-looking European model. The Altis has been styled keeping Asian tastes in mind and that means spicing up its looks. The Altis’ front with large wing-shaped headlights look quite striking and the rear gets a swoopy light cluster as well.

We expect the Corolla Altis to be priced a shade under the psychological Rs 10 lakh barrier. It’s a price that could seriously hurt the Honda City and Skoda Octavia, which are riding high with seemingly no competition.

The new corolla altis will be powered by a 1.8L engine developing around 140bhp. This engine is a carryover from the existing corolla but will be tweaked for better performance. A four speed auto box will be offered as optional. However the new Corolla altis won’t come with diesel engine atleast initially.


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