Jul 25, 2008

Skoda Fabia (India) - a mIXeD reaction !!

The Czech car manufacturer, Skoda Auto of the Volkswagen Group, has introduced its second generation Skoda Fabia in India as a 2008 model. The Fabia in India arrives after much awaited, 4 months delay. It is launched with the following trim levels :

  • 3 diesel version (Classic, Ambiente and Elegance) and
  • 1 petrol version (Elegance) only.
The diesel Fabia gives amazing fuel efficiency, which is close to 14.1 km/litre in the city and 18.5 km/litre on the highway. The Petrol variant delivers approximately 14.7 km/litre on the highway. The price is tagged close to 8 lakhs.

Coming to features. The look is somewhat similar to Maruti Swift but comparing the Interior, Safety and features of Fabia with it is useless. European Engineering is unmatchable. The mileage is the best you can get from cars of such high class. The beauty speaks for itself and the boot space is the largest among so called small cars.

And now the cons. The price tag is a bit higher (overprice is tweaking the common man), in the Indian market, as compared with present small cars. The diesel engine noise is very irritating and it sounds as loud as an indica, perhaps even louder. Combined with the poor service & costly spares of skoda, this car is not getting the right pick up. Expected to give swift a tough competition but the result seems to go the other way.

I’m sure those of you who think twice before spending your money would look for better options, may be buy a Fiesta/City/Aveo/Jazz. But still, if we want to purchase some good car in lesser amount, its not wise to call that overpriced. What's your stand ?