Jul 24, 2008

Car Audio System

Music is a great companion, whether you’re stuck in traffic or enjoying a long drive. And the perfect car audio system is just what you need to enhance the pleasure of listening to your favorite tracks.

There are two ways of getting an audio system in your car - buying it built-in (these are called factory systems) when you buy the car or adding it later (these are called aftermarket systems). Aftermarket systems offer greater customization.

Car audio sound effect is quite different from what we hear in our homes. What is necessary is that the sound should not be distorted when the automobile is in motion
. It is therefore necessary to check the car audio system when the car is in motion as well as when stationary. Test the automobile stereo by sitting in the front. There lies the challenge. At the rear seat all systems will sound good.

Good sound systems come from companies like Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine and others. They provide heavy amplifiers, their matching woofers, speakers and tweeters so that sound comes with a real BLAST.


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