Sep 5, 2008

New Mercedes C230 'Avantgarde' coming soon in India!

Mercedes which is buoyed with the success of new C-class plans to intense the competition with the BMW by launching the Mercedes C-class Avantgarde model. To match the new C-class, BMW facelifted the 3-series and rationalised the prices. Now its Merc’s turn, to compete with 325i top end diesel model of BMW, the benz maker plans to launch much sportier Avantgarde.

The c-class Avantgarde model would come with a 204 bhp engine and a 7speed 7G-tronic auto transmission. Contrary to the existing c-class models, the C-class avantgarde will feature a different grille with centrally positioned Mercedes star.  Together with the sporty, high-quality appointments, this feature emphasises the youthful, agile appearance of this C-Class.

The 200K petrol produces a paltry 178 bhp as compared to BMW 325i's 218 bhp and the upcoming Audi A4 3.2's 250 bhp! Mercedes wants to up the game and is launching the C230 'Avantgarde' soon. The C230 produces 200 bhp from its V6 unit and looks sportier. So, the new C-class, when launched, won’t walk into India an automatic winner. It will have to box it out with the BMW 3-series and Audi.

The new C-class Avantgarde is expected to be priced around Rs35lakhs. Though the price is Rs3lakh  more than the BMW 325i, the AMG sports package might set the sales chart soar.


  1. Thats the car Im planning to buy.But I guess i will have to do more blogging to have enough for