Sep 19, 2008

Toyota iQ - The Future Automobile


The Toyota iQ is an Earth-friendly micro concept car, first unveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. The car was designed by ED2, Toyota's design studio in southern France. The iQ is called a 3+1, meaning it is capable of carrying up to three adults along with a child or luggage in comfort.

The iQ concept is equipped with miniaturized technology to help free up interior space. The design is intended to place emphasis on low fuel consumption, maneuverability and environmental friendliness. It also features a panoramic glass sunroof.

Production will begin in Japan in late 2008 and is believed to be the first model in a series.

iQ will be offered with a choice of two petrol engines and one diesel. The engine details : 998cc 3cyl, 67bhp, 67lb ft @ 4800rpm. and 0-100km/hr 14.1sec. iQ has been designed to meet Euro NCAP’s top five-star safety rating.

A newly developed differential allows iQ to have a more compact engine compartment and front wheels placed at the very corners of the car, with very short overhangs.

A flat under-floor fuel tank has allowed shorter rear overhangs to be developed, helping reduce the car’s overall length.

The pushed-forward dashboard features temperature controls with an LCD display, as well as a 5.8-inch screen for satellite navigation system.

The size of the heater/air conditioning unit has been significantly reduced, without sacrificing performance. As a result, the front passenger area can be moved forwards towards the base of the windscreen, freeing up additional cabin space.

UK sales are scheduled to start in January 2009 with an estimated £10,000 price tag. Europe and Japan are the intended markets, but the iQ is being whispered for U.S. sale as a 2010 model. Toyota expects to sell 100,000 units of the iQ in its first year of production globally.


  1. nice car!!!i expect its launch in India soon....
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  2. I always enjoy reading about the new technology for cars. I have heard a rumor lately that Most of the "environmentally friendly" or "fuel efficient" vehicles are in Europe. The United States does not want to implement the technology so soon. Anyways, that is the rumor, that Europe has all the really high fuel efficient cars.

    K.M. George
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  3. The toyota is a beautiful machine, but this is almost equal to the smart!
    greetings from italy!

  4. This one is so nice car an earth friendly :)

    I am looking forward to buy this kind of car...

    Nice post, keep it up.

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  5. Toyota iQ, it looks cute. The micro design maybe aimed to create a city car concept with economically fuel consumption & cheap price. Toyota innovation!!

  6. Looks pretty nice. should be useful especially wit the fuel prices aye!