Sep 21, 2008

Simple Search Widget

I found a wonderfully simple search widget which operates in a similar way to the "Search this blog" feature found in the navbar. You can easily implement this widget into your blog by using the widget installer below:

1. Go to Template>Layout in your Blogger Dashboard.
2. Create a new HTML/Javascript element in your sidebar.
3. Insert the following code into the widget:

<p align="center"><form id="searchthis" action="/search" style="display:inline;" method="get"> <input id="search-box" name="q" size="25" type="text"/> <input id="search-btn" value="Search" type="submit"/> </form></p>

4. Give your widget a title if you like (eg: "Search this Blog"), and click save. You should now have a fully functional search box in your blog's sidebar!

So, your widget is ready to use.
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