Sep 7, 2008

The Tata - Singur row continues

Singur hasn’t woken up to a more tense dawn. Every morning at 6.30 the first shift begins at the plant. Two hours later, it’s time for the general shift. Soon the plant becomes abuzz with about 4,000 workers racing against time to set up the country’s quickest car plant.

Every morning buses are provided from Singur station and different points, including Kolkata, to bring workers to the site. But now it looks like a war zone.

The political showdown on Tata's Nano car plant loomed larger when Ratan Tata declared that if things didn't get better in Singur, the company would consider a pullout.

Mamta banerjee insists she is not in favour of violence, but is not responsible for individual actions. "We are not against the industry but industry and agriculture should co exist," said Mamata Banerjee, leader, Trinamool Congress.

But there are voices of support for the Nano plant building up. "We want the factory because it will help us find work," said a worker.

The first round of talks ended on a positive note with the Leader of the opposition saying the talks were heading for a solution. A press statement issued by Raj Bhavan had said the discussions were held in a constructive spirit with the intention of providing a way out.

Meanwhile, at Singur there was no political activity at the dharna manch of Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee.

The company manufactures the Nano at US$2,500, the world's cheapest car at the Singur factory, and it had intended to launch the vehicle by the end of this year. To avoid delaying the launch, Tata has said it will produce the car at factories elsewhere in the country.


  1. No wonder. This is the problem where the left rule is. If left are ruling, opposition will make issues. If left are opposition, they will always headache for others.

    Left party still holding some theories that nobody wants today because of no meaning as well as the foolishness inside it. Time is over to hang all the leftists as well as those playing against countries growth and development.

    This will be a lesson for industrialists to not go to any place where leftists are in the rule.

    Sherin - Investinternals

  2. well i think it is well planned move by TATA to leave the controversy and let them face the music

  3. Finally!! ... the W.B govt found a solution. Under the compromise, farmers will get alternate land and a committee will be set up to look into the land issue. I hope the row gets over. The Tata Nano will, now, roll out from Singur, after all.

  4. This will be a lesson for industrialists to not go to any place where leftists are in the rule. <-- any manufacturer wanna try investing in the philippines? /sob...

    Ryan's Hub

  5. hha unique car, but little expensive.
    is this car ecomomis for future?