Oct 12, 2008

New Template Look

after much await, I have got what i was eagerly looking for - a template, which suits my blog and liking. This template is more soothing to your eyes and has a lot many features. You enjoy more freedom with this format of blogger design.

The blog template is designed by woork. It is free to download and works for blogger as well. The necessary customization can be done very easily with little changes here and there. Overall a good change from the default templates provided by blogger.

I would like your comments and suggestions to help improve my blog. All those who have uploaded this template can share their experience here.

Download this template


  1. nice template..............
    whered you get that?

  2. thanks for appreciating the hard work i had put in. The template design, as i mentioned, is given by - Woork.
    To know more about installing and customizing it, visit here :

  3. this is a very good template compare to your previous one. You can arrange this to get maximum money from the blog. Your blog is very good in content base and it is very rare in net to find out such nice blog. appreciated


  4. This indeed is very nice theme. Unfortunately my blog is on WordPress so there is no way to use this.

    I'm very happy for you to have it. So that's good enough. I will try my best to improve my site's layout.

    Kind regards,

  5. @apmart : i hope this blog soon gets available for wordpress too. good luck and thanks for the comments.