Oct 1, 2008

Paris Motor Show 2008 : TEASERS

Lamborghini Teaser Image 4

The 2008 Paris Motor Show seems to display a LOT mOre than expected. As the D-day comes closer the enthusiasts are getting crazier. We can see teasers of concept cars being released every next day. Visitors are eagerly waiting to get a glimpse of this special concept attraction.

With Lamborghini leading the Teaser band, there are few more to get noticed. Here are the concepts teasers released so far :

Probably one of the most eagerly awaited concepts. Four teasers have been officially released so far.


The idea of an all new 4-DOOR design from the highly esteemed marque has got enthusiasts counting down to the full reveal tomorrow evening at the VW Group event in Paris. Stay tuned...

Only few hours remaining until Citroen reveal the GT Concept to the world's press in Paris. Regardless, Citroen still feels the need to persist with yet another sixth teaser image, this time showing the side body profile.


Although the red sheet is still in the same position as teaser no.3, the viewing angle is from the front quarter view which gives a little depth to the height and length of the vehicle. Since Citroen has gone this far, we expect more teaser images to arrive in the lead up to Paris on Thursday.

BMW X1 Concept & 7-series Hybrid

Not much is known about the X1. The one spotted is believed to be a prototype for the model but it has always kept its camouflage on. What we do know is the current BMW 1-series will provide the underpinnings for the new model as well as lend a number of its award winning engines.

Renault Ondelios Concept

The Ondelios combines a high-end crossover with a hybrid powertrain, Renault describes the concept as a “long-distance travel-loving aerodynamic crossover born for the open road.”


SEAT Exeo Concept
Seat Netherlands has launched a teaser site for the new Exeo sedan model. Based on the outgoing B7 Audi A4 model, the Exeo makes it's debut in Paris.

Stay tuned to get the final look at these beauty. If you have anything to add you are most welcome.


  1. What a teaser the Lamborghini, would love to own one of these. Then again our family is growing and a station wagon is probably more appropriate.

    Nice post, keep it up.

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