Oct 8, 2008

Top 10 Tips On Safe Driving

The increasing number of vehicles in the country has catapulted the importance of safety, while we can't do anything about the circumstances beyond our control; here are a few tips to keep you safe.
  • Do not eat while driving the car. Both your attention and ability to react are impaired. The same goes for cell phones,reading, putting on make-up, shaving, etc. Pull over to the side of the road to complete your job. It is not safe to talk on the cell phone while driving because:
    1. You must look away from the road while dialing/hanging up.
    2. Your attention is elsewhere while completing the conversation, and
    3. In the case of hand-held telephones, you lose mobility as you juggle the telephone.
  • Changing lanes without checking your blind spots and sleepy driving are two major accident-causers. Follow lane while driving and avoid jumping lanes. Always stick to the lane assigned to you and stay with in the speed limits.
  • Breakdown: Preventive maintenance reduces the chances of a breakdown. However, the possibility cannot be overruled. Keep your car well maintained with sufficient fuel to avoid breakdown.
    Carry an advance-warning triangle.
    It can be used to warn other road users if the car is obstructing the road. Place the triangle at a distance of 50mt behind the vehicle. In case you don't possess a warning triangle hang a piece of red cloth on the car.
  • Tire-pressure Monitoring: A well-filled tire is one of the most basic, most important, and most overlooked safety feature.
  • Stay calm. If someone in another car cuts you off or does something you do not like, stay cool. Getting angry or retaliating creates a safety risk. Remember that in the big scheme of things, IT DOESN’T MATTER. Brush it off and move on. It isn’t worth an injury or your life. 
  • Always look for road signs and give due importance to them.
  • Use indicators while turning the vehicle left or right, be extra careful while cutting lanes and put the indicators on at least 30 meters before turning. Be extra careful while reversing and look for pedestrians and other obstacles in the rear view mirror.
  • Drive slowly during the rainy season, brake repeatedly after you have come out of a water logged patch.
  • While driving at night make sure that all lights (head and tail) are working. At night drive with the headlight in low beam to avoid bedazzling of vehicles coming from the opposite direction.
    While on the highways make sure you maintain proper distances from heavy vehicles as they might not be able to stop at a short notice.
  • Buy the Safest Car You Can. You've got three kids and a couple of their friends and you can't fit into a sedan, so you're thinking about getting an SUV. Do you really need one? Think before buying your car.
The next time you get into the car, remember these safety tips. They could very well save the life of you and your children.
If you like to add on, You are always welcome to suggest some more safety features, in comments.


  1. Your not going to believe this but when I lived in LA, I saw a man shaving while driving! Unbelievable! Thanks for the tips!

  2. hard to believe but there are character like these, who dare to sacrifice their lives and take others, for nothing. So follow rules not just for your safety but for safety of others too.