Nov 26, 2008

Bugatti Veyron Video : In Top Gear

Everyone dreams of driving the likes of Bugatti Veyron and Aston Martin. But then, every tom and dick can't offered it. And thats what makes these fast beauties so precious a possession. A glimpse or even a pic of these cars make you dream. We rarely see them on roads, while shopping and taking a walk. But you do have the chance of watching it online.

The guys from Top Gear, and pretty much everybody else, have waited a long time to do a power lap in the Bugatti Veyron and see if it gets on top of their board. They took the mighty Veyron up to its top speed, they raced it against a plane, but they never had the chance to see how well it does on their test track, until now. In the latest episode of the British TV show The Stig takes the Bugatti Veyron for a power lap of their track. We won't tell you how it ends.

Watch the Bugatti Veyron @ Top Gear Test Track:


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