Nov 15, 2008

My Car in III Gear !!!

I was rolling on, gaining speed gradually, changing gears and crossing milestones. I never looked back. And On my way, I got this :

Is it a reward of my past efforts or a motivation for continuing my efforts!! There are many ways of interpreting but I am glad that I am in. Blogging for me hasn't been a long journey, as I started this july but it seems to be a long journey ahead.

I came across many new things - SEO, Online/Offline marketing, Niche, Google Keywords and what not. I tried everything & often kept changing my blog-looks to make it better. Reading and commenting on blogs was part of my job. I loved it and in the process found some really nice people.

At this car stop, I like to thank all my fellow friends, bloggers, online social connections and Google(the Greatest source of information on net). Their advice and suggestions helped me a lot. They have been with me all this time & will remain for miles ahead, too.

The gear has been shifted to the next level and I have to take a broader route to drive safe. Keep rolling with me and you will soon reach your destination.



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