Nov 6, 2008

Project Splitwheel : Design Your Car

Did you ever wish to design your very own car ? To give it your looks and design. You have a great opportunity at hand. Join the world’s first virtual car company. Project Splitwheel in collaboration with Caterham has brought up this innovative proposal.

This is the world's first project to design and build a new performance car online! You have an opportunity to interact with designers from all over the world, contribute to the project with your ideas and views and be a part of the designing team.

There will be voting, discussion, debates and a lot more along with thousands of car enthusiasts from all over the world. You all will help decide the key features of the vehicle. And hey!., you not need to be a mechanical engineer or masters but just a Car passionate.

So are you ready to get started ? .. visit the site here and get yourself registered for this event. There are videos and other stuff to familiarize you with the project.


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