Nov 5, 2008

US Election : What Power Drives ?

With American Election in the limelight everyone is busy deciding their poling options. Some rely on Barack Obama and some trust John McCain. But when coming to cars, who do these people rely upon. What are their Drives ? check it out yourself..

Barack Obama
Going along with his sober persona and concern towards world and next Gen, Obama adores a green machine - The Ford Escape. This is a gas-electric hybrid version.
The Ford Escape is a compact SUV sold by the automaker Ford Motor Company introduced in 2000 as a 2001 model year. A hybrid version of the Escape was released in 2004, making it the first hybrid SUV.

John McCain
John McCain cruises in GM'S Cadillac CTS sedan. The CTS (Catera Touring Sedan) is a mid size luxury car made by General Motors for the Cadillac brand. The CTS is credited with rejuvenating the Cadillac brand, and possibly saving it from extinction.

Biden owns a 1967 Corvette. The Chevrolet Corvette is a sports car that has been manufactured by General Motors since 1953. Under the hood it has a 390-bhp engine!

Sarah Palin
The governor of the U.S. state of Alaska drives the powerful SUV - Chevrolet Suburban. It is a large sport utility vehicle from Chevrolet and the longest-lived continuous automobile nameplate still in production, dating from 1935 and is likely to be produced under this name for the foreseeable future.


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