Nov 20, 2008

Down To Earth: The 'Flat-Mobile' Car

You can't afford to miss this. The lowest public-circulation car ever built with a height measuring only 19 inches(48.26cm). I say Public circulation because it is completely legal and you can roll it on streets, drawing all the attention!! Flat-mobile is all set to enter the Guinness record for owning the flattest sedan ever.

To add to this Batmobile, the revolutionary coupe is powered by a jet engine, it can ride with a speed up to 100 mph. The highlighting feature of coupe is its number plate that is bordered by two missile tips.

It was built by engineer Perry Watkins who used parts from two vintage Hillman Imps before putting the car on show in Essen Motor Show. To know more about this unique machine click here.

Here are the specifications :

Donor car : 1963 Hillman Imp
height sectioned out from body : 30"
Ground clearance 2"
Height: 19"
Length: 12'2" (17" longer than standard)
Width: 5' 5"
Combustion Engine: Hillman Imp 875 Sport
Jet engine: DIY gas turbine
Suspension rear: standard springs and shocks on rear but cut down
Suspension front: Avro shocks with adjustable height 4" springs
Wheels: Cosmic alloys 10x6J
Tyres: Goodyear Eagles 205 x 50 x 10


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